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Want your business to achieve a PB?

I hit a personal milestone last weekend, hitting my best ever time for running 5km. Today I went out for an unusual lunch time run, meant to be at a recovery pace.  It was heaven. I loved every minute of it and ended up running a couple of kms more than I intended. I also went a bit quicker than I intended.

As I ran, I was thinking how I never thought I would be able to do this, certainly not with a huge smile on my face and actually enjoying it too.

Ah the humblebrag, I hear you say. Quite the contrary; I was thinking how I got to this.  It started with a friend encouraging me to come on a gentle Couch to 5K programme that he did the year before.  Running with the group changed everything.  The chat and camaraderie made it more enjoyable.  The encouragement, clapping & cheering helped me during each run.  Being part of a group meant a commitment to show up when I said I would. The tips and techniques have helped me improve on my times, distances and stamina, which I would never achieved on my own.

I’m not exactly Mo Farah but 2 years on, I’m still running.

Business is no different.

Running a business can be very lonely. On your own it’s hard, with help it feels easier, with support it is more enjoyable & you don’t feel so alone.

When everyone around you tells you how great business is for them or says things like, “have you a business or just an expensive hobby?”, you can feel isolated.

With support you trust, you realise that it isn’t just you who feels like that; you aren’t a fraud or useless or no good at it, you are just too close to it.  You learn that there is more than one way to do things and sometimes, you just need someone to help you take a step back and reframe what you are seeing.  Then the magic happens, and you run your personal best.

Who helps you run your PB?

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