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The Mastermind

“Connecting brains for better business growth”

What is a Mastermind?

The term Mastermind can conjure up the image of the iconic black chair and the infamous ‘I’ve started so I’ll finish’ phrase.  It also aptly describes minds working together, focussed on solving a problem.  After all, two heads are better than one, and in your Mastermind group there will be multiple minds offering different viewpoints, opinions and solutions.

The mastermind is a  group of ambitious business leaders who meet regularly to share and resolve challenges and to grow their businesses.  They pool their knowledge, experiences and expertise to help each other grow.  They bring opportunities, challenges and business issues, which they work on collectively.

Think of your fellow Masterminders as your non-executive directors, and the Mastermind sessions as your board meeting.

Mastermind by Bridger Consultancy offers structured and facilitated sessions, designed to get the most for you and your business.

Why do it?

Running your own business is exciting and can also be a bit lonely. The more you succeed, the more you have to do. With that also comes a lot of responsibility. Even with a great team around you, the buck stops with you.

That’s why The Mastermind has been launched. So you can grow your business and reach your full business potential, share problems and challenges, explore possibilities and opportunities: with the benefit of many business brains with different perspectives in a facilitated environment.

The facilitation is important. With a trained coach as facilitator, not only will the discussions be more structured, the sessions will be strategic and  focussed to each individual needs.

The Bridger Consultancy Commitment

We will ensure that:

  • Each business shares their challenges and has time in the “spotlight”.
  • No businesses in your Mastermind will be in direct competition with each other
  • The group will be facilitated by an experienced and qualified Business Consultant
  • Every participant is bound by a legally binding Confidentiality Agreement to keep you and your business safe.

Who attends?

To get the most benefit and most importantly, the best results, a Mastermind group has to involved the right people, so ideally you should be It’s important that a Mastermind group has the right people involved, so you should be a decision maker, capable of executing solutions, for example, MD or director level.

It’s important that all participants are committed to the group through regular attendance and their interaction in the sessions.

The Mastermind has been created for those with accountability for their business, typically business owners and Managing Directors. It’s not industry specific. In fact you’ll profit from meeting people from different backgrounds and industry sectors, who will have a different (and refreshing) ways of thinking and doing things.

Are you up to the challenge?

Ideal Masterminders will:

  • Be committed to growing their companies
  • Be open to implementing new ideas
  • Be willing to share experiences
  • Be ready for hard work. You will leave each meeting with an action list, and we want you to come back with your results.

When and where?

The Mastermind is delivered online so you can attend from wherever you are.

How to get involved

Register your interest for our next cohort today or to find out more about when and where the next Mastermind will be.