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How we help you…

How can you achieve what you want to as quickly & efficiently as possible?

When you run a business, it can take over.  Suddenly you are a workaholic, with no time for family or fun. Work takes over.  So take back control.

  • Make time to work on the business and reduce your stress.
  • Get a sounding board for all your frustrations & ideas
  • Find solutions to problems & make your life easier
  • Focus on what is important, get rid of what isn’t and understand the difference.
  • Fulfil your ambitions and overcome your frustrations.

How does that sound?

Blurb on a website can’t really bring to life the difference you can achieve in your business so we invite you to experience it first hand.

Sam Bridger BA (Hons), MBA, MIEx (Grad), FCMI

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About Bridger Consultancy: From toys…

The person behind Bridger Consultancy is Sam Bridger.

Sam is a qualified coach & a qualified export manager.  Sam’s love of business started with international trade , exporting a range of products from wallpaper to toys, including brands such as Teletubbies™, Wallace & Gromit™ and Bob the Builder™.

So if you are thinking of business growth, how about looking at new markets?

… to cars and Mazda

After completing an MBA at Lancaster Unviersity, Sam was hired by  Mazda Motor Europe GmbH, managing 5 European subsidiaries, followed by a move to marketing, looking after the brand icons, Mazda MX-5 and RX-8. as then managing the European launch process, and European product training.

All in all the whole Mazda experience, combined with export brought together all aspects of the business:  production, marketing, sales, finance, customer services, technical, sales planning and PR.

Now Sam uses this experience to help other businesses.

And finally business coaching

Having retrained as a coach, Sam is passionate about helping businesses do what they do best. 

If you want to find out more or check the details, check out Sam’s profile on LinkedIn.

Sam believe in a practical approach and uses her background and experience to help and support you and your business.

That’s enough about us. It’s over to you. Contact us today to discover how we can work together.