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About Us

Got a few challenges?  Looking for your own tailor-made success story? Looking to dip your toe in the waters of international trade?

It doesn’t matter what stage you are at in business or how good you are, there are always challenges.  There is always loads to do & you can’t be an expert at everything. And there are only 24 hours in a day…

When I started out on my own, there wasn’t much help and where there was, it was expensive and I just couldn’t afford it.  When you start (and unless you have a fab idea or rich relatives, everyone starts small), you need support that you can trust, good, reliable and cost-effective.  So I set out to do; provide accessible, cost-effective, good and trustworthy support, helping people to develop their businesses.

So business development & international trade? Aren’t they 2 separate things?

I started my career in international trade, so for me, international trade is a natural way to develop and grow your business.  Think of all the different markets out there.
International trade can be tricky and it is definitely scary when it is unfamiliar that what I am there for.
As well as my years of practical experience, I am a graduate member of the Institute of Export and International Trade, so I can help you navigate those international waters, more easily than on your own.

I spent a long time working in the automotive industry in Germany, which taught me a lot about business in general. There I was introduced to coaching philosophy; wow, what a difference that made.  Imagine talking to someone who listens, guides you with their own expert knowledge but all the decisions are yours and all the steps are done your way.

How would it work for my company?

It starts with you and your company.  It is always about you.  You tell us about your business, what you want from it, where you want the business to go and we help you get there.

We’ll create an action plan, with agreed deadlines. All to bridge the gap from where you are now, to where you want to be, so you can see the progress you are making.

Who we work with

Every business is different, as are the clients we work with. If you are a small business and you want to develop your business or a problem to solve it, then we’d love to hear from you.  We love working with business owners who know they want something different and know that some help will make a huge difference.  Imagine how good it will feel when you achieve that.
If you are starting your journey into international trade, or if you have started but are experiencing some problem, especially after Brexit, then we would love to work with you.

It doesn’t hurt to find out.  Book your free 30-minute Discovery Call and see if it is for you and if it isn’t, that’s okay. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Ready to get started? Get in touch today or book your free 30-minute consultation now.

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